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Super Junior gets trapped on a desert island pt 2

Unfortunately as weather on tropical islands go, at night time, it did not drop below 70 degrees and it was sweltering. The sun dipped below the horizon and the boys spread out on the beach, figuring that you know, since Kang In still hadn’t managed to get a signal fire started despite the vast amount of wood and leaves everyone had gathered, they might as well get some sleep.

“Fuck my life,” he mutters. “Why am I on signal fire duty?”

“Because you’re the one who smokes the most,” Leeteuk replies dryly from somewhere behind him, “and we’d figured that you have matches or at least a lighter.”

“Now wait a minute,” protested Kang In , twisting around. “I don’t smoke and I never have!”

“Well you look like you do,” called Heechul from a few feet away. He forgoes Fiona’s holey shelter for Han Kyung’s lap and was on top of the man’s tank top, which he dutifully stripped off since it was too hot anyways.

“You’re face looks like it does,” mutters Kang In childishly, turning back to the fire. He would bet all the bar fights he’d had in this life that Big Bang or DBSK or Shinee had never gotten to a shipwreck like this one or even a ship wreck at all. They had nothing to eat, except for coconut and bananas, and had nothing except useless cell phones that even Kyuhyun couldn’t get to receive signal and most everyone wore glasses but instead chose to wear contacts which meant no hope of having the ability to make fire and the stupid, stupid full of holes Fiona was  lying on her side against the tree Sungmin had climbed earlier.

Twenty minutes later, he finally gave up and ironically crawled into Fiona  and pulled his salt encrusted damp cap over his face. Fuck the fire. He knew he should’ve enlisted for the military sooner.




“Um,” said Han Kyung, frowning with his forehead.

“Hyung, don’t do that,” said Yesung spread on his back with Ryeowook curled up by his side. “It makes you look a turtle.”

Han Kyung gives him a look and turns back to Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi digging a well to China it looked like. “What in the name of God are you doing?” Siwon’s head perks up and Han Kyung ignores him.

The hole was already up to Zhou Mi’s chest, which was, to say quite a feat for the half hour or so that they’d been digging.

“Digging a hole,” says Zhou Mi looking so cheerful that Heechul wanted to dump something over his head because Han Kyung was making to stand up and it was messing up his hair and wasting his time to sleep and it made him very not happy because Han Kyung was standing up and therefore losing his time to sleep and it would make his face less beautiful because of a lack of sleep.  He pinches Han Kyung in the side. The Chinaman, taking cue, sits back down with a sigh. “Why,” he says.

“Kui Xian says it makes him feel more productive,” shrugs Zhou Mi. And sand continues to fly out of the pit.

“Tai bu xiang hua le!” comes Kyuhyun’s voice from about 6 ft under.





Eunhyuk’s cell phone is the only one  that miraculously still works after being in ocean water for a few hours straight as they bobbed onto the island. He’s flipping it open when something scuttles across his bare feet. Eunhyuk shrieks and flips backwards in the dark because his cell phone snapped shut in the process.

Kibum suddenly bursts up from the pile of sand he’s under and coughs. “LAKhfdkasf. Wassahappening?”

Eunhyuk shrieks. “You’re ALIVE?”

“Hyuk, are you okay?” comes Siwon’s voice from somewhere to his right.

“What’s going on over there?” grumbles Shin dong.

“I-I think something just crawled over my feet,” said Eunhyuk shakily. He flips on his cell phone and a few feet from the beam he sees a giant crab.

“Holy shit,” breathed Sungmin. “Can crabs even come that big?”

“I think some in Alaska do,” chirps Henry but no one’s listening.

“Nevermind that ,” says Shin Dong impatiently. “Can we eat those?” He is not the only one hungry because Kang In is already pouncing at the thing and missing.

“Dear god,” tsks Heechul whose’s head is still in Han Kyung’s lap. “I’m still hot,” he adds as Han Kyung sighs again and continues waving that giant palm leaf as a fan.

Donghae , surprisingly is the one that wakes up the first out of everyone. Eunhyuk’s cell phone had since died in the night since Kang In, in a fit of anger threw it at the crab. The phone shattered into about 20 pieces and the crab still got a way. Which also meant that there was no source of light at night anymore and it was only the first night. It’s actually  5 in the morning and the sun is just coming up. He groggily glances around and does a double take he sees giant snails right ontop of Yesung and Ryeowook lying on the middle of the beach. He almost freaks out and then realizes that snails aren’t leeches and therefore don’t suck blood so you won’t die of blood loss.

He eats a banana. And then another. And then a piece of coconut that had gone somewhat dry. By 5:30 he had gone for a swim and run around the perimeter of the island several times and he is bored as hell.

Kicking off his shoes , he decides to write something in the sand.

A few hours later, Leeteuk wakes up and Donghae has gone back to sleep. He’s trying to find somewhere to pee when he glances on the beach, double taking at both Yesung and Ryeowook ‘s snail covered chests.

T h e            e        n         d        I          s           n       e       a          r .  Was written on the beach with a big smiley face.

Super Junior gets trapped on a desert island pt 1
Title: Super Junior Gets Trapped on a Desert Island pt 1
pairing(s); Hanchul,kangteuk,Qmi,yewook,Shimin amongst many ;)
rating; PG
notes: Heechul picks the wrong boat...

a/n: timeline is abit skewed since Kangin’s not officially in the picture yet and Han Geng’s lawsuit is still going on…first fic, and first post so please excuse me if i post this wrong or something =\


Everyone knew that Heechul picked the wrong boat-except only KangIn told him so. After all, getting suspended from Super Junior’s activities was nothing compared to getting into a shipwreck on the way to the Phillipines by boat. The only good thing was that the managers had gone by plane, so at least THEY could tell that 15 boys went missing on the day of the concert.

“Well, lord love a duck,” Kang kicks the wooden boat and spits in the sand. “Of all the boats to pick, you had to pick the one with the most holes!”

“It was the prettiest on!” said Heechul defensively, giving the rainbow dragon boat a loving pat. “Don’t judge a boat by it’s color!”

“You mean don’t judge a book by its cover?” piped in Henry in much better English. The cheerful Canadian was on the other side of the island, namely a few hundred feet away where he and the rest of Super Junior M were collecting firewood.

Han Kyung whacks him over the head with a pile of wet leaves before chattering away in rapid Chinese and dragging the boy back by the ear to gather more wood.

“Anyways,” continued Heechul as if there hadn’t been an interruption at all, “ I bet none of you would have chosen Fiona.”

“Fiona? You even NAMED it?” Leeteuk exasperatedly lifted his armload of bananas. Heechul stuck his tongue out at the band leader. “So why did you choose Fiona? Other than the fact that she’s pretty and full of holes, I mean.”

“That’s what she said, ”mutters Kyuhyun softly, passing Zhou Mi a large fern leaf.

“I heard that,”snaps Heechul. But before he could answer Leeteuk, a excited screech came from the other side of the island.

Sungmin was perched excitedly at the top of tree. “Look guys!” he yelled gleefully, looking remarkably happy for a shipwrecked guy. “Coconuts!!” He karate chops and all 3 fall to the base of the tree.

“Sweet…” Siwon picks one up and turns it around in his had.

“Uh…how are you supposed to open that thing?” Yesung steps forward and picks up another; Ryeowook grabs another.

“Were you expecting a pull tab or a can opener?” says Shindong sarcastically. He knows he shouldn’t have refuses this disgusting ramen noodles. It was the only food stocked up on the ship.

“Um,” says Ryeowook. “ Maybe we can open them on those rocks over there.”

“The entire group looks over to the next cove- and were greeted with the beautiful site of a ragged cliff that ended with dozens of pointy sharp rocks in the water.

“Whoa,” squeaks Eunhyuk. “Thank god we didn’t crash into that.”

“Amen,” agrees Siwon. He turns to face the cliff and then with the agility of the athlete that he is, flings it at the cliff.

Cheers broke out as the coconut broke into a jillion pieces. The group woked gingerly around the rocks and gathered most of what they could.

“Aish, should this be cooked?” Donghae poked at his piece wearily while everyone else bit into the white meat greedily without a second thought. Several pairs of eyes landed on Han Kyung and Ryeowook.

“Um, I only know how to cook food from the mainland China,” the man says meekly while Henry and Zhou Mi nod vigorously.

“I don’t know either,” squeaks Ryeowook, shoving pieces into his mouth.

“Should we save some for Kibum?” Kyuhyun asks.

“Nah, we’ll smash another one of them,” Zhou Mi puts in, offering a piece to the latter.

“Where is Kibum anyways?” Heechul puffs, lugging precious Fiona in a tow before accepting a coconut piece from Han Kyung.

“Passed out over there,” says Leeteuk and KangIn simoutaneously. And sure enough, the actor was spread on his back in the sand where they had washed ashore.

“Oh my god, Kibum was on the boat?” Eunhyuk almost chokes; Shindong pounds him on the back. “How is this possible?”

“Murphy’s law,”says Shindong moodily. “If anything can go wrong, it will…or something like that.”



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